Don’t Waste Time in Resort: Get Ski Fit Now & Get the Most Out of Your Ski Holiday!

30th November 2016
The Skiplex Team

skis-1785285_1280You could be a complete beginner who’s just booked your first ski holiday, or a veteran of the slopes dusting off your boots again for the first time since last season; either way, you’ll be determined to get the most out of your vacation, and won’t want to lose even a moment of your precious time in the mountains.

Whatever your level of proficiency, spending some time with Skiplex ahead of your vacation will optimise your ski experience. We can help you learn to ski or board, refresh your skills if you’re a bit rusty, help you take them to the next level if you want to improve, or simply get you back in the groove so you’re fit to ski from the minute you hit the resort.


Complete Beginner?

You booked the holiday, you got excited, you told everyone where you were going and what you were doing; but instead of speeding down runs with the wind in your hair as you’d envisaged, you spent the first few days timidly finding your feet on baby slopes with dozens of other novices, and before you knew it, you were half way through your holiday.

Make sure this isn’t your experience. There may not be mountains or snow outside, but that doesn’t have to stop you learning the basics until the first day of your holiday.

The slopes at Skiplex replicate a real piste, so you’ll get an authentic experience of what it feels like to ski, and with a professional Skiplex instructor giving you expert tuition, you’ll progress fast. You’ll quickly gain in confidence and develop your basic technical skills – including learning how to ‘snow plough’ – essential for being able to bring yourself to a stop when you need to!

No matter how many times you go skiing, you’ll always be able to improve your style and technique, but with a few hours of Skiplex instruction under your belt, you’ll have the basics to bypass the nursery class when you get to resort, and start enjoying your holiday right away.

Another thing learning with Skiplex will prepare you for – besides the amazing sensation of skiing itself, is the task of actually getting ready to ski. Putting on your ski boots on your first morning for example, could take a lot longer than you think if you’ve not done it a few times before, and practicing at a Skiplex centre will save you valuable time. It’s also important to learn how your equipment should fit and work; you may end up in a situation where you’re given equipment that doesn’t fit properly, so it’s vital you feel confident enough to speak up and ask for it to be changed.


Experienced Skier?

If you’re an experienced skier, why would you bother to book time on a Skiplex slope before you get to do it for real again? Well, we can give you 3 very good reasons:


  1. To Get Yourself Ski Fit

If you love skiing, you probably plan to catch the first lift up the mountain in the mornings and ski the last run back, and that means you’re going to need to be ski fit. Skiing uses muscles you probably don’t exercise any other time, and even the most seasoned skiers can find themselves aching all over during the first few days.

Yes, you can do some extra lunges and squats at the gym, but nothing will beat a visit to Skiplex. It will get your body used to the action of skiing again, reactivate key muscles, and build-up stamina so you’ll have the energy to go all day.

Unlike other ski centres, you don’t need to take a lift to get onto our slopes, so you won’t waste time queuing; and you won’t run out of slope either; the unique rotating surface of our slopes means that instead of having room to make perhaps 8 practice turns on a run down, you can make 80, 180 – or as many as your legs can take. Great for building muscle memory!

And for experience skiers of ‘a certain age’, sorry to point this out, but if you haven’t skied for a year, you’re 12 months older than you were the last time you went, which makes getting ski fit more important than ever!


  1. To Reduce the Risk of Injury

The last thing you want to do is spend your ski holiday hobbling around resort while your friends are out enjoying themselves in the white stuff, but the fact is that most ski injuries happen in the first few days of a holiday. Our slopes provide a safe, supervised environment to practice in and prepare yourself mentally and physically.


  1. To Improve Your Technique

Are you an advance skier who wants to be even better? Before your holiday, refresh and refine your skills on a realistic slope under the eyes of a professional instructor who will assess you and help you to improve your technique

The large mirror at the foot of each of our slopes lets you see yourself from your instructor’s perspective, and helps to clarify any advice they give you. A simple tip such as making an adjustment to your weight distribution for example, is much easier to implement when you can watch yourself in real time.


Novice, improver or expert; Skiplex will help you get more out of your next ski holiday. Skiplex Senior Instructor Chris Murphy says: “Resort tuition usually involves being in a group of up to 12 other people, which means lessons tend to be generic. At Skiplex, our average ratio is 2 to 1 (it’s never more than 3 to 1), and not only does 3 to 1 or 2 to 1 tuition work out less expensive per person than it does in resort, but you will get guidance and advice that is specifically tailored to your personal needs.”

Wherever you go, and whatever your level of experience, make sure you have a fun and safe time. Always remember; failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

See you on the slopes!

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