Catherine’s My Skiplex Story

8th March 2016
The Skiplex Team

So, it’s back to earth after our first family ski. No crashing falls, broken bones or dramas, just lots of fun, adventure and perfect snow. We spent a week in La Plagne at the Hotel Des Deux Domaines with Esprit. One experienced ‘I’m going to be out ALL day’ skier, two gung-ho (thanks to Skiplex) children and me. No prizes for guessing who was the most nervous… Happily, I needn’t have worried. All the hours spent at Skiplex Reading over the previous twelve months were worth it!


The children were immediately bumped up from beginners to the next class and promptly whizzed up the mountain with Marc from ESF. I felt totally comfortable on my skis, achieving a few parallel turns here and there, and only actually falling over while standing still. That’s something to work on perhaps. The experienced skier however, was forced to contemplate his fitness levels after several years away from the slopes. I foresee several months of exercise ahead in preparation for next year. I can’t emphasize enough how much of a difference Skiplex made to our holiday. Confidence is such a key factor to successful skiing, whether you are belting or meandering down the piste, and that’s exactly what Skiplex gave us.12788135_10153580092591676_1109591061_n

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