What to Expect

A session consists of three phases: before, during and after.


  • We will be in touch with you following your session reservation so as to confirm your slot. Please note carefully our cancellation and change Terms & Conditions.
  • We will also be in touch with you before your session to remind you of the time it will start and to invite you to make sure that your Participant details are correctly recorded in our system. To do this online through this website before you arrive at our centre will greatly simplify the sign in process when you arrive at the ski centre
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your session starts.
  • If you have not done so online before you arrive, register with us on arrival as you’ll need to have read our Terms & Conditions and sign the disclaimer if you’ve not already visited us this season.
  • We fit you with your boots, skis and provide helmets if required.
  • We take you through your objectives for the coming session together with members of your group.



  • We take a maximum of 2 people on our Chiswick slope and 3 on the other slopes at any one time.
  • We break sessions into 2 groups – A & B. After Group A have skied, they take a rest while Group B are on the slope.
  • Each group is on the slope for approximately 2 x 15 mins slots or 3 x 10 mins slots with much needed rest breaks in between.
  • The configuration of the session will largely depend upon the ability of the groups and their fitness.



  • The session ends once each member of the party has had approximately 30mins on the slope. The session is one hour in total.
  • After your session, your instructor will discuss with you how you have got on against your stated objectives and discuss what more can be done for you to achieve them.
  • Your instructor will assess your proficiency level for your next visit and recommend the best course or package for you.


On the Slope


In order for each session to be as successful and fun for each person, we try to make sure that everyone who is on the slope at the same time, is broadly comparable.

  1. We do not mix disciplines.
    So skiers and snowboarders will not be on the slope at the same time.
  2. We try to keep age ranges similar.
    So people with different strengths and concentration levels are kept together. We do this using 3 age ranges:

    1. Children: 5-7 years old
    2. Juniors: 8-12 years old
    3. Adults: 13+ years old
  3. Progress levels.
    We try to make sure that people of similar skills are on the slope together. This is often difficult to assess. However, in order to try to achieve this we use a 1-10 proficiency grading system. See Progress Levels

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