How long in advance do I need to book?

We advise you book a week in advance during our quieter Summer season, and two weeks in advance in our Winter season. Weekends and evenings are naturally busier so we recommend booking far in advance to get the times and availability you’d like.

How does it work?

Our slopes are made with an Astroturf carpet and work in a similar motion to a treadmill. We can change the height and speed of the slope so it’s tailored to the ability of the skiers/ boarders on the slope at the time. There is a support bar at the front. At the bottom of the slope we have a big mirror so you can watch your technique and get real time feedback. For more info see hour How It Works page here.

Is an instructor included in the price of the session?

All our sessions come with a fully qualified instructor. This ensures safe operation of the slopes at all times and the best experience in the centre.

How long is the session?

You will be in the centre for about an hour, and you will be on the slope for approximately 30 minutes. This is split up into 2 x 15 min blocks, or 3 x 10 min blocks, so you get a much needed rest in between. We would ask you to arrive 15 mins before your allocated time so we can fit you with boots and skis.

How many people will be on the slope at one time?

Our slopes at Basingstoke and Reading take 6 people per hour and 3 people on the slope at any one time. Our slope at Chiswick takes 4 people per hour and up to 2 people on the slope at any one time. For birthday parties and corporate events we can have more than this on the slopes.

If, at Basingstoke or Reading, you want to limit the number of skiers to 2, you can buy our Block the 3rd slot product – see the Pay as you go products. Or, if you want to have the slope to yourself, then see our Private Lesson product in the Slope Hire range.

What do I need to bring with me and what should I wear?

Please wear a pair of long socks, tracksuit bottoms or leggings, and a long sleeved t-shirt. No specialist ski gear is required. We advise you to wear something comfortable and loose fitting.

Can I bring my own skis and boots?

You are very welcome to bring your own boots but we ask that you use our skis as they have been specially prepared for use on our slopes.

What is the minimum age allowed on the slopes?

For exclusive family ski sessions we will take your little ones as young as 4. For normal ski lessons the minimum age is 5. For snowboarding lessons the minimum age is 8.

How similar is it to snow?

The surface is made up of a revolving Astroturf carpet. Of course snow comes in many forms and weights depending upon the time of year and the particular conditions on the day. We think our carpets are similar to early spring fresh powder some 6” deep demanding an active approach to managing the slightly demanding conditions.

The technique you will be taught is exactly the same as that you will use on snow. The only difference is that our slope is less forgiving and will therefore demand perfect technique.

Is there somewhere I can watch?

We have a viewing platform where you can watch others on the slope.

We have a lounge area where you can get tea and coffee and watch from the comfort of our sofas.

We have a platform above the slope where you can watch others on the slope.

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