Skiplex Benefits

Because of our low customer:instructor ratio, Skiplex is the equivalent to a personal ski coach.

The maximum number of skiers on the slope at the same time is 3. If you are worried that this is too many, we have products that enable you either to have the slope to yourself or to limit the number of skiers to 2. See Product Ranges – Pay as you go.

The Skiplex system provides an extremely quick way to learn and a nice warm, enclosed & controlled environment for children and nervous adults to gain confidence.

It’s also so much better value for money. In other ski centres, you’ll spend a huge proportion of your time queuing for the lift and getting to the top of the slope. At Skiplex, you spend your time doing what you came to do: ski or board.

We can take you higher and faster or lower & slower, depending on what you prefer. A key benefit is to get you ski fit for your trip by repeat visits with close instruction, a great way to get your muscle memory back. Or why not use us as part of your fitness regime.


All Equipment Provided

At Skiplex we take out all the hassle and provide all the equipment you need. All you need to bring is a long pair of socks, some comfortable clothing and yourself!

We have a large selection of ski boots from a child size 10 to an adult size 13, and snowboarding boots from an adult size 2 – adult size 12 which you’ll be fitted with by an instructor when you come in for your session. We will then fit you with the appropriate size skis or board and change the bindings to fit your boots. If you’re lucky enough to have your own boots you are more than welcome to use them but we ask that your use our skis/boards which have been specially prepared for use on our slopes.


Train Specific Muscle Groups

Skiplex is great for reinforcing the muscle familiarity (muscle memory) used in skiing or snowboarding. Skiing and snowboarding are both hard sports to master and include many different skills that need to be to be perfected. For a skill to become automatic, it requires thousands of repetitions. Out in the mountains or at any other artificial slope facility, this can take a very long time, whereas at Skiplex you have the ability to ski continuously for up to 30 mins allowing you to master these skills 8 x faster.

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